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[NEBULA] WiFi Device Descriptions - where is the source?

HealthByRo Posts: 28  Freshman Member
edited April 14 in Nebula
Can someone shed some light on where the WiFi device descriptions are "read" from, what is the source?  In particular on a Mac?  And on a Windows PC?   We'd like to adjust the source so that the list of devices helps us determine which computer it is.  Any suggestions on where to look is appreciated.

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  • Alfonso
    Alfonso Posts: 257  Master Member
    Hi @HealthByRo

    I suppose the mac address could partially determine it.

    Some web pages provide information from the mac address.

    For example 

    Does it help you?

  • HealthByRo
    HealthByRo Posts: 28  Freshman Member
    Sorry. not exactly what I was looking for.  There must be somewhere that the AP is reading that name from, and when it doesn't find it, then the MAC address is used in the description.   I wanted to standardize that to something.  Right now there are a few devices with something that is definitely user-entered.
  • RUnglaube
    RUnglaube Posts: 135  Ally Member
    As far as I know and based on my network, the AP and GW will try to get the hostname of the device, I guess it's from the DHCP packet.  If not, it will use the MAC-address.

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  • DeanTW
    DeanTW Posts: 243  Zyxel Employee
    Hey guys, 
    @RUnglaube is correct, the hostname/description you'll see in NCC is from DHCP packets, most of modern devices has it's hostname stored in DHCP packets on option 12.

  • HealthByRo
    HealthByRo Posts: 28  Freshman Member
    So the response is from the DHCP server?  Or from the user computer?
  • DeanTW
    DeanTW Posts: 243  Zyxel Employee
    edited November 2018
    AP/Gateway listens from the client device, packets from gateway won't carry the clients hostname and other attributes in them, then is reported to NCC.
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