load balancer: correct policy route for voip SBC


sorry if the question is trivial or not posed too clearly

I have a nsg100 with two connections in load balancing of two different carriers to aggregate 30Mbps + 30 Mbps (we have poor connectivity in the area) and that also solves the problem of the occasional drop of one of the two connectivity with failover

I have a SBC voip device which logically "does not tolerate" the continuous change of IP in output

I created a policy that enforces the exit of the voip device on wan1...but... if wan1 fails... the voip SBC does not switch to wan2... (it's logically)

I thought of creating a second policy rule that throws the device on wan2 ... but if wan1 is down, the connection change does not take place

I admit it's a strange request, but it would solve both a connectivity and a telephony problem

PS: the load balancing algorithm is Round robin

could I solve with the Least Load First?


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  • monkeynia
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    You can consider using the least load first. It will send new session traffic through the least utilized WAN interface, so, the VoIP traffic won't be split into two IP addresses.

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    Upgrading to a Flex series gives you much better granular control for VOIP.

  • Zulgrib
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    Create a trunk in failover mode and create a policy route to use this trunk (not the VOIP one) if the destination IP is your destination server for your VOIP services.

    Use a least-loaded first trunk for the general routing.

    Edit : Forgot i was on the nebula part of the board. Verify if this helps you, but I suppose not. If still available, try to use the tunnel to connect directly to the USG interface and create a route manually there. (don't know if it will get overridden on next config change from Nebula)

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