GS1910 Factory Reset no User/IP Management



i bought a second hand GS-1910 switch. The switch runs firmware 2.00.

I can access the webinterface with the brwoser and login with "admin" and "1234".

After I logged in the first time, there were no "IP" button in the system category. And no "User" butten in the Security → Switch category. In this category only the "RMON" button is visible.

I set back the switch to Factory Defaults with Putty, but the problem persits.

Did anyone have an comparable problem and can guide me to a solution?

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  • Jojomeurer

    I have to specify my problem:

    It is not possible to make any changes to the webinterface. It seems the interface is in a "read only mode". Only the Maintenence part is working with reset and change the used firmware. But every other point in the menu is not showing any changeable setting.

  • monkeynia
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    Did you try this path Menu > Configuration to change settings?