GS1350-26HP SNMP ports data not exposed in Nebula management mode


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  • Lefuneste83

    This is great news. I'll be checking out the next Nebula release. Thanks for the help in investigating this issue.

  • hema_vonpat
    Hi Melen, when can we expect the firmware update? February 15, 2024 is over and I don't see 4.90 in the firmware management yet.
    Thanks for further information.

  • Zyxel_Melen
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    Hi @hema_vonpat,

    The release of firmware v4.90 will be delayed due to issues encountered during testing, particularly with the PoE schedule feature. We anticipate that the new release, v4.90 patch 1, will be available by the end of February.

    Apologize for any inconvenience.

  • Lefuneste83
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    Hi there. Just a quick note to inform you of a very bad bug with the new firmware V4.90 on my GS1350-26HP.

    -Firstly it does indeed expose the port information in SNMP so this is good and it resolves the above ticket.

    -The big problem I am encountering is about IPV6. Since the upgrade has been applied, IPv6 packets do not pass through the switch anymore. I have checked the interface setup in the Web GUI, created the interfaces for each individual VLAN and activated IPV6 for each interface and verified the IPV6 settings are correct. Despite all my tests, I have confirmed the issue of IPV6 packets getting discarded by the switch.

    I have several AP connected downstream of the switch and several other AP connected to other equipments NOT downstream of the switch (all AP are Zyxel Nebula managed).

    1/ While connecting with a mobile device to an AP downstream of the switch running v4.90

    Clients such as tablet or phone do indeed get IPV6 addresses through RA Assisted or Managed mode from the router (SLAAC and/or DHCPv6). The device then tries to connect using IPV6 by prefence as mobile devices tend to do. In such case, connectivity is extremly random. I have pinpointed the issue doing some ping test from mobile device itself while being connected to an AP downstream of the switch and I see that I get about one out of 20 ping request being replied and with incredibly random TTL (sometimes 12ms sometimes 2000ms), most request don't get reply at all.

    2/ From the switch itself, I can ping the gateway with no issue everytime. So the IPV6 settings on the switch iteself appears to be valid.

    3/ With a wired device connected to the switch such as PC or server, I get no reply at all when I try to ping the gateway in IPV6.

    4/ With a mobile device connected to a Nebula AP NOT downstream of the switch I can ping the gateway in IPV6 with no issue whatsoever.

    5/ I have just rolled back FW to 4.70 (previous version) and I immediately get connection back in all above cases.

    My conclusion is either the v4.90 breaks IPV6 connectivity or it cannot work with previous settings from the V4.70 onward and require a complete configuration reset of the switch. I have not done such a thing as I am worried to have to setup all my ports and VLAN from scratch.

    I believe this issue deserves a dedicated ticket.

    Let me know if I can provide you with configuration file or any other data.