Why have i a bad 5G speed ? Can you help me ?


hi .
I have my r zyxel nr 5101 5G router (without nebula). When i put the simcard in my iphone i get 500 megabit but when i put the sam simcard in my router i get 30 to 40 mega bit when i am on auto Band but when i close the band on nr5G so i get nåthing. Taking into consideration that i have between 150 to 330 mega bit when i close the band on 4G. It means that i have a good signal on both 4and 5G. But i donot get a good speed when my band is on NR5G mode or Auto? Can anyone help me please? I have moticed that many people have the sam problem.

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    You can printscreen the Cellular info page when you use Auto mode, NR5G mode and close all the 4G band. So you will know which band you connect to and how many bandwidth you have and the signal strength.

    What's the signal strength of NR5101 when you are testing? Another factor to impact the through put is the signal strength. You can use APP Zyxel Air try to find the strongest signal in you house

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