Enable Qos on my am3100?


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  • Cantona1983
    yes, I'm aware of that, but it might help a bit. 
    what do you recommend then?

  • tonygibbs16
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    Hi @Cantona1983

    My suggestion is probably to talk to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) as your next step.

    To ask them for a lower latency service if possible, and whether QoS is enabled on the AM3100-B0 or not.

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  • Cantona1983

    i called them this morning. They couldn't do ant adjustments inside my router because they didn't have access and permission to do so … asked for a newer router but they could not do that either. Good costumer service… 😡🙈

    So i am stuck with a router i can’t do much tweeking to 😔

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