NR7101 periodically resets to factory settings


 I have upgraded to the latest firmware 1.00(ABUV.8)C0 because of minor problems connecting via 5G which is solved now. Since the upgrade the zyxel device periodically resets to factory settings at night. I think it is related to a scheduled reboot. If the scheduled reboot is turned off, it still resets to factory settings sometimes, probably associated with a local power failure.

Could you please help me track down the issue and prevent the device to reset to factory settings?

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  • Bob_C
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    Hi Ralph_77,

    In your experience, which settings are reset to default?

    When scheduled reboot is turned off, if you reboot the NR7101 by pressing web UI's button (Maintenance > Reboot) or by un-plugging and plugging back the Ethernet cable, does it still reset sometimes?



  • Ralph_77

    Hi Bob,

    thank you for getting back on this. Actually the device did reset to factory defaults every reboot. I got in contact with the customer support and they send me a replacement device really quick. The replacement device doesn't show the same behaviour and works really well even after upgrading the firmware.

    Thanks to this perfect customer support.

    Best regards


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