[NEBULA] Where can I set classifier and policy on NSW?

WaYne Posts: 12  Freshman Member
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Hi community,
I have trouble finding the settings to classifier and policy, does nebula not have this configurations like the GS2200 series of zyxel? I would like to configure higher priority for specific packets, is it possible?



  • GoodDay
    GoodDay Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    Hi WaYne

    It seems to me that ACL on NCC is called IP Filter now (NCC > SWITCH > Configure > IP filtering)
    You can customize policy allow/deny, protocol TCP/UDP and Src/Dst IP as ACL function.
    However, I am not sure how configure the higher weight in the IP filtering
  • SYK
    SYK Posts: 32  Freshman Member

    I know there is the function of QoS in NCC.
    You want to know it,right?


  • WaYne
    WaYne Posts: 12  Freshman Member
    Thanks for the quick response,
    Got it, but that is limited to only deny/allow rules. A bit too simple from my point of view.

    Thanks, thats what I'm looking for, but then again it is not that much of a feature compared to the classifier and policy on GS switches. I'll try it out first.

    Thanks you two.
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