Automatic one-to-one replacement on hardware defects

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Nebula should have an option in the "add device" menu alowing to automatically replace an existing (e.g. defective) device with a new one. A simple dropdown with device names of the same type (switch / AP / gateway) would be sufficient. All configured options of the old (replaced) device should then be automatically transferred to the new one and the old one could be optionally (e.g. by marking an additional checkbox) be unregistered.

Similar ideas have already been discussed e.g. in and, but more than one year later the feature doesn't seem to be available yet.


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    I've used the switch clone feature available in the Organization menu when doing a RMA and it seems like you could do a similar stuff using the switch backup/restore although I haven't tried it yet. But for the AP and GW, I think around 95% of the settings are site-based so basically if you and/swap a new device, it should also received the same site-based settings.
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    I agree, @RUnglaube, there are already some helpful features in place, but nevertheless, a simple "hardware switch" that takes 100% of the settings over to a new device (independent of the type of device) would be very helpful for RMA. 

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