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My VPN client just popped up that I have 8 days till my trial expires. I thought that VPN tunnels were part of the device not the client. I did not know that I was on a trial period.
Does this mean that all my clients are getting this popup as well? Do I have to manage a bunch of licenses for the dozen or so clients? Is this annual or one time?
I see add ons listed but I don't see part numbers. I Googled and found a 10 pack of Mac client licenses. Amazon did not list Secuextender as an item.
I am sure that I am asking questions that if I went and read long enough I could figure out, but this is really not jumping out at me.
Support is currently down for maintenance, and the support link just dumps you back out into a sea of knowledge base articles.


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    Dear @blturner
    Zyxel provides 2 types VPN clients.
    • IPSEC vpn client this one is licensed under the Greenbow and not for free. (just 30 days to try is free)
    • SSL VPN client SecuExtender
      Free for windows user,
      Licence required for MACOS user, so not for free (just 30 days to try is free)


  • how do i buy the osx secuextender licence? been trying and not getting anywhere. 
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    You can go to Zyxel official website, and contact with our window which is related with your region.
    The contact information as below
    Where to buy
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    yep did that, called each vendor in australia and all have had issues obtaining the licence or didn't know anything about it. any other ideas?
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    If you are in Australia, try contacting the local Zyxel office [email protected]

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