Facebook Wi-Fi with check-ins.

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I would like to propose Nebula to retail store users.
However, many stores require the following feature.

Actually many vendors already support this feature.
Is Nebula have any plan to support this feature?


  • SYK
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    Wow. I've also thought it!
    I hope it will be added to NCC:-)
  • RUnglaube
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    Hell yeah!
    I hope to see this integrated as well. I guess that now that social login is there, it will be easier to add it.
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  • martinihenry
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    This is good, SMB owners will certainly love this. Please make it happen!
  • Massim01988
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    I would also greatly appreciate this functionality.
  • FrankIversen
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    Hello everyone!
    It is confirmed that we have plans now to support this feature. Thanks to you all for the feedback to make it possible to be in our plan next year. Current schedule for this is in 2nd half of 2018, since it requires some collabrations between Zyxel and Facebook, should it take more time for us to have it delivered. 
    Be sure to stay tuned for more updates in our forum.


  • Yordi
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    Yes please, add this the good way, not the bad way as Ubiquity Unify or Meraki !
    Before check-in block traffic (http,https, ....) EXCEPT the data needed to check-in !! now this is a manual process to create and update always the walled garden on Ubiquity and Meraki ! this must be automatic !
  • Zyxel_Freda
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    Hi everyone, 
    We plan to release this feature on next major release around the beginning of July, 2019. 
    Please stay tuned for more updates in our forum. Thanks. :)
  • Nebula_Bayardo
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    Hello Nebula community!

    As one of the most wanted features on the community, the Facebook Wi-Fi has finally been included to Nebula 🙌! It's super easy to set up, you know, as we always do!

    Go ahead and give it try! Remember that you need to upgrade to the latest firmware released on 06/24, and it is only available as a Pro Pack feature.

    Hope you enjoy it!👌

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