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I have set up SSL VPN and as a user I can connect. However, the client is not getting a IP address from the Zyxel 110. the Firewall LAN1 IP scope is - .254 , with a DHCP range of - .254. When a SSL VPN client connects it shows connected, how the IP address given is .... and nothing from the DHCP range. I am using SSL VPN client v4.0.3.0 and the firmware on the Firewall is v.4.33 (AAAA.0).

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  • Ricky
    Ricky Posts: 3
    Disregard, I figured out the issue. The SSL VPN requires an assigned IP pool that is not on the local LAN1 scope.   I created a Virtual Scope under LAN1 and then added that as a RANGE in Object/Addresses.  once that was done I connected back the the SSLVPN and was handed out an IP within the Virtual Scope and life was good. 
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    Hi @Ricky  

    The VPN (SSL VPN/L2TP VPN) pool can’t overlap to other interfaces, otherwise the traffic unable pass into VPN tunnel successfully.

    It’s good hard you found the reason of it. :+1: 

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