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Guys trying to paste a rooting I had in one of my CISCO routers and i find it EXTREMELEY difficult to do this in Zyxel. I am not at all expert so your step-by-step help will greatly appreciated.

Please also note that the CISCO router was the router to the outside world(intenet -e.g external IP and my internal network. Now I have put between CISCO ( and my internal network the ZYXEL USG60W (

I have on purpose provided 3 IPS (public ip, router Ip and Zyxel ip) to be inlcluded in your step by step answer.

Appreciated very much

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  • PeterUK
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    Put the USG60W in expert mode

    Network > NAT


    classification = virtual server

    Incoming interface = wan1

    Original IP = wan1

    (create new object > address

    Name =wan1

    address type = INTERFACE IP

    interface = wan1)

    mapped IP = User Defined

    User-Defined mapped IP =

    port mapping type = ports

    original start port =5390

    original end port =5399

    mapped start port =5390

    mapped end port = 5399

    do the same to the rest in your list

  • GLou
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    You havent define port type, tcp/udp most propably will be any but i am confused with port numbers.

    I need to use the 50000 -50011 as these come from my Divar and also use the 443 porr external whichb is secure.

    Why do you also use a range i.e 5390-5399

    Do I also need to go to ,security, to setup something?

  • PeterUK
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    I'm not sure I get what you want? You want the setup on Cisco to be on USG60W from your screenshot?

  • CHS
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    Hi @G_L

    I guess you are looking for setup port forwarding configuration on USG.

    You can reference to FAQ first.

    And of course policy control rule is required.

  • GLou
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    Have tried and is a bit not that straight fwd to me as was the CISCO setup

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