Problems with WiFi speed on Zyxel Multi X

Last year I bought the Zyxel Multy X + Multy Mini. I have internet using a Experia V10 modem from my provider KPN. I have connected the Zyxel Multi X with a Cat8 cable to 1 of the LAN ports of the Experia. Speedtests result in an average speed of around 90 - 95 Mbps download and 123 Mbps upload when I connect a network cable to the Experia V10 or connect a network cable to the Zyxel Multi X. When I connect by WiFi to the Experia V10 speeds also range 90 - 95 Mbps. But when I connect by WiFi to my Zyxel Multy X speeds range from 8 - 12 Mbps download and 10 - 19 Mbps upload. 
What could be wrong?

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  • Anthony_G
    I'm getting the same issue. I get up to 500mb with my provider Truespeed but when I cast my wifi through Multy x the speed goes down to 91mbps, upload 42mbps??? what's going wrong all of a sudden -- same wiring, same config etc...
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @Mervin, @Anthony_G

    1.Please provide us the network topology.
    2.How do you do the speedtest on the Multy X?
    3.Could you provide us the Diagnose result on the Multy APP?

    Best regards,

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