Blinking white light on NAS326

Good morning,

I recently bought this NAS with a HDD Seagate ST3000DM007.

If I turn on the NAS with no HDD on its bays it boots until the end.

But if I try to boot it with the HDD inside any of its bays, the NAS starts blinking a white light on the power button.

Also happens, with the NAS booted, if I insert the HDD, all suddenly stops (fan also) an the white blinking light is back.

Could you please help me with this issue?

Best regards

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  • workinto
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    There is NAS compatible list on the Zyxel website,

    The  ST3000DM007 in not in the compatible list, maybe you should try other model of disk.
    You could consider the disk in the compatible list.

  • JJA
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    Thank you workinto, I will purchase another HD and come back to you with the result!
  • Mijzelf
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    That's not a compatibility list, but a 'Verified Hard Disk List'. Sata is sata, so any sata disk is supposed to work. The list only shows the disks which were tested. As there are no fails on that list, you can assume every disk the ZyXEL tested simply worked.

    @JJA , can you test that disk in another way?

  • JJA
    JJA Posts: 3
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    Thank you @workinto and @Mijzelf

    I purchased a Seagate ST4000DM000 and it booted smoothly.

    @Mijzelf I tried the 
    ST4000DM000 (the first one) in a desktop computer and it was recognized and works fine.

    Thank you both again!

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