Constantly losing connection to NAS326

About 3 days ago, my devices started losing connection to my NAS326. Devices include various Windows 10 boxes, Linux boxes, LibreElec (kodi) on Raspberry2 and some android phones. The disconnection seems to be random and lasts anything from 5 to 20 minutes. Amongst other, error messages includes "Network Path Not Found" and "This connection has not been restored".
I've tried turning off all boxes but one, one after the other, and the problem still happens. I've tried unmounting and unmapping all NAS drives, mounting NAS drives thru CIFS and NFS when possible, anything i could think of, to no avail.
Anybody's got any idea as to where/what I should be investigating?

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    Do all devices disconnect on the same time? Can you ping the NAS while a disconnection is pending?

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