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I have four Multy X routers setup in Bridge mode. We also have another router running a 2.4GHz and 5GHz network in the same property.

The reason is that when we installed the Multy X routers our Sky Q mini-boxes constantly got disconnected and lost connection to the main Sky Q box, I resolved this by putting back our old router and using the Multy X's in bridge mode.

2 of our Multy X's are connected via ethernet cables each running back to the main router due to there being a big distance from the main routers.

What we have noticed is that the Multy X boxes regularly (sometimes a number of times per day) seem to loose connection, when this happens the Multy X box flashes red for a few seconds, then dark blue before then reconnecting and working again.

If we have a computer plugged into the LAN port on one of the Multy X boxes what we see is that in Windows when you first connect it the connection speed is 1Gbps however after sometime it will drop down to 100Mbps and the only way to get it back to 1Gbps is to disable the network card on the PC and then reconnect it. I've seen this same behaviour on two separate computers plugged into two separate Multy X's. One of the Multy X's was connected wirelessly and the other was connected via ethernet so the connection method of the Multy X box does not seem to matter.

The main issue is this constant disconnecting of the Multy X's though, it is making gaming for my son almost impossible as he gets kicked out of games as soon as he loses connection.

The problem with the Sky Q boxes also really needs sorting as then we could get rid of the original router and make the network setup much simpler. 

I already sent a support request through the Multy X app yesterday but have not had a response yet.

Please could you come back to me with some steps to resolve these connection problems.


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    Hi @DarrenWelton,

    We have checked the mailbox but do not see the email.
    Please send us the feedback again on the Multy APP.

    Best regards,

  • Hi Jerry,

    I've just sent it again and have copied in your email address as well.

    One of the Multy X boxes connected via ethernet has been getting worse and worse over the past few days, it kept disconnecting with a red light then flashing white light over and over. it did it around 4 - 5 times yesterday and then this morning almost continuously.

    I deleted the multy x from the app then did a reset on it to add it as a new multy x into my home. Connected by the ethernet it simply would not work today. The setup kept failing when I was at the blinking blue light stage and the app says it was checking the internet connection via bluetooth. This process failed 3 or 4 times.

    I then disconnected the ethernet cable and temporarily moved the multy x to another part of the room closer to another multy x. It did then complete the setup and is currently working over wifi backhaul but a speed test gives me on 80Mbps, I was getting 400+ Mbps over the ethernet when it worked.

    Long term I do need the ethernet backhaul back up and running.

    It would also simplify my network setup if we could figure out why the LAN ports keep dropping back down to 100Mbps mode.

    It seems like when everything works it is a good system but something is causing connection drops and then also causing these LAN ports to drop down to a lower connection speed.

    Please let me know if you need any further information.

    Thanks, Darren
  • Zyxel_Jerry
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    Hi @DarrenWelton,

    We have received your email.
    We'll contact you via email.

    Best regards,

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