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I have a number of devices to add to a site and have scanned the barcodes for the Item #'s, Serial #'s, and MAC Addresses from the labels on the boxes into a spreadsheet. I then went to add these to the site and downloaded the TEMPLATE devices.xlsx and noted that the format you want for the MAC address is AA:BB:CC:00:11:22 and when I look back at my spreadsheet I see the format of the MAC address is: AABBCC001122

Okay, so this says I can't go directly from scanning the barcodes into the registration screen or even into a spreadsheet that will be read by the system. I have to ADD the : between the MAC address layout. Really??? Can't you read what is scanned from your barcode? So I created the formula to convert the no : string to a : string. Just another step to get the Nebula. 

It seems logical to me that you should be able to read either format, either with : or without :.

Just wanted to bring this up.


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  • Nebula_Melen
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    Hi @ivessm,

    Thanks for sharing this information to us. We did a test is that we import TEMPLATE excel with MAC address without ":" and find NCC won't add ":" automatically.
    We will enhance this function and it will be finished in 2021 Q2.

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