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Guys been using 3 Multi X units for 2 years and i have to say Bulletproof devices, anyway the demon in me wanted WIfi 6 so i went Orbi pro, what a mistake that was. Random Issues with Phones in house just not getting internet till Wifi is turned on and off on Phone, to their rubbish DNS, which looks like its a proxy in the device, yes ive replaced with google and cloudflare but still dodgy.... Anyway EBAY for these things back to old faithfull... My Question though, if i was replacing the Multi X with a more up to date Model what do i choose ? is there anything thats as good but maybe WIFI 6 ? thanks in advance. Im running Virgin 1 gig so modem either in Modem only mode if Zyxel will act as router, or failing that Access point mode. Id like 3 channel with backhaul and Wifi 6


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    As I know, there is no Multy series support wifi6 mesh , for the stable connection, you can keep use Multy X in your network.

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