LTE7490-M904 SIM Compatibility

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Today have ordered a Zyxel LTE7490 Outdoor CPE for replacing previous 4G Antenna, in the Amazon review and answers seems that the CPE is not compatible with italian cellular operator TIM and only with specific firmware works, can you confirm this or was solved with latest firmware?
Thank You in advantage!

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  • zyxymirc
    zyxymirc Posts: 7
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    The 7490 with latest firmware is compatible with Italian Operator TIM!

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  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @zyxymirc

    Looking in the firmware release notes at and the release notes for the V1.00(ABQY.2)C0 firmware released in September 2020 posted February 2021, there are some SIM fixes mentioned but not the TIM network specifically.

    Do you know what firmware your device has in it?

    I hope that this is helpful.

    KInd regards,
  • zyxymirc
    zyxymirc Posts: 7
    The unit is expected to arrive Friday and i will be able to test it!
    I hope it works out of the box....
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