Multy X goes "offline"

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I have a network of 4 X Multy X (one at each corner of my house about 50 feet apart. The primary Multy is in my study. The Lounge unit regularly, but at random intervals, goes offline (a message on the Multy App states "Offline, please check the power connection). I have to switch off and then back on and wait about 10 minutes for it to reconnect. I have swapped the units from another room but it still happens in the Lounge. Any ideas?

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    Hi  ZyxelRichard,

    1 .Please kindly provide your network topology.
    2. Could you describe more details about your issue?
       (1) How often does the symptoms happen on the Lounge? 
    3. Please send us the feedback on the Multy App.
       When pressing the Send feedback button on the Multy APP, it will auto generate the logs of the device, please send the log        file to us.

    Best regards,