LTE4506-M606 - V1.00(ABDO.6)C0 - Internet access down after LTE renew connection from SFR

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I updated this Saturday from V1.00(ABDO.4)C0 to V1.00(ABDO.6)C0 and I lost Internet connection after the reboot. DNS resolution was OK, but Internet sites access DOWN. Reboot again fropm the GUI, then Internet sites connections were UP. I got the same error today after a reset from SFR (changing the connection on their side), then Internet sites connections DOWN and I did the same procedure: reboot the LTE4506-M606 (from the GUI).
I think I will do a roolback from V1.00(ABDO.6)C0 to V1.00(ABDO.4)C0, with this version, I never get that strange issue.
I don't know how to reset the LTE connection with SFR on my side, with the GUI or CLI.

Any idea ?

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  • tonygibbs16
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    Hello @pbt

    I think that you could reselect the SFR manually as the Public Land Mobile Network (PLMN) following the procedure in section 4.5 of the user guide at 

    This might do the Wireless WAN connection reset that you are after.

    I hope that this is helpful.

    Kind regards,

  • pbt
    pbt Posts: 2
    hello Tony,
    I will try this.
    But I think the issue is in the SFR Network, because I got it a few hour ago. I do nothing, and the Internet is working now normally.  

    Many thanks !
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