Zyxel NSA325 V2: Alternative Firmware recommendation?

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if any, which alternative Firmware would you recommend for my NSA 325 v2?

I need SMB shares for windows, the NAS should suspend after 30 minutes and I need WOL to wake it up again.
That's all I need.

Thanks a lot for your feedback and stay healthy

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  • Mijzelf
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    As far as I know you can install Arch, OpenWrt or Debian, but with some effort you can install any distro which supports Armv5, using one of these 3 kernels.
    From those 3 only OpenWrt has a webinterface to administrate some basic stuff. My preference would be Debian, just because it's rocksolid, while Arch and OpenWrt are more bleeding edge.
    About WOL, I don't know if any of these distro's support that. The 325 has a strange way of implementing it, and I don't know if anyone implemented the bridge between 'normal control´ and 'ZyXEL implementation'. But you could ask in the Doozan forum.

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