[NEBULA] How to create an SSID with Click-to-continue?

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Where to find: 
Configure > 
Access point > SSID advanced settings > Network Access > Sign-in method

Function description: 
Click-to-continue is used to block network traffic until a client agrees to the policy of user agreement. We do not have to setup password or add credentials in the database. The station only needs to click the “Agree” Button, and he can surf the internet without any issue.

The hotels wants to create an SSID with click-to-continue which can reduce the customer’s login process.

1. Go to Configure > Access point > SSID settings, click Add SSID network, and click Edit icon to 
configure the SSID name and do advanced SSID setting.

2. Adjusting the SSID name if needed, and click "Enable".

Authentication > Network Access > Sign-in method: Enable Click-to-Continue.

3. And then click Back to go to SSID settings screen > Click Save

4. (Optional) Configure > Access point > SSID advanced settings > Captive portal advance setting

Walled garden: When choose the Click-to-continue, the wall garden will be enabled as well. We can add the website that the customer can access without passing the Click-to-continue.  If we want to promote some website as our hotel website or our co-operator website, we can configure here. It will be listed in the whitelist. * 2.

Strict Policy: Allow HTTPs traffic without sign-on or not.

Reauth time: The agreement page will pop out again when the lease time is expired. We can choose the follow site-wide setting*3 or assign a definite time for it.

5. (Optional) Configure > Access point > Captive portal customization. We can captive portal content here.


Login page and successful page on the station




1.      After enabling Click-to continue, the AP creates a user account with username “clickcontinue_X_Y”, where X is the radio type(1 =2.4Ghz, 2=5Ghz) and Y is the SSI number (1-8) of the SSID profile. The AP users this account to authenticate clients who agree to the terms of the click-to –continue page

2.      About the Walled garden, One IP address/domain in one line to specify your walled garden. Example: *.zyxel.com, www.zyxel.com,

3.      Site-wide reauthentication time: Configure > Site settings > Captive portal reauthentication > For click-to-continue users.