how to backup linux specific folders to nas326

Hello Nas expert techie , I am new in NAS :I have created NFS share between linux and nas326 and mount them successfully. I didnt see any rsync option on NAS326 to enable that. However ,I need schedule backup for my important folders and configuration to my NAS326 . Step by step guideline would be greatfull for me. If anyone done, please help me on this issue.



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    The package RandomTools contains a rsync daemon. You'll have to write your own rsyncd.conf file and startscript. As rsync expects rsyncd.conf  in /etc/ and /etc/ is volatile, your startscript will have to put a (shortcut to) your conffile in /etc/. Or specify a different location in the commandline. Don't know if that is possible.
    You can put your startscript in -off the top of my head- /i-data/sysvol/.PKG/RandomTools/etc/custom_scripts/

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