How to upgrade NAS540 and what options

Victor Posts: 8  Freshman Member
When I originally set up my NAS I used 4X1TB disks on a RAID5. I have now run out of space so I need to upgrade. What is the process to follow so I do not lose all the info currently in the disks? Do I have to do an external backup or something?  Since I will upgrade I need to buy disks. What is the best option for this model?

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  • JockeSve
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    For external backup I bought cheap(ish) 6TB USB3 disk that is stored in basement.

    Yes, replacing disks one by one can be done without losing data.
    But again, we aware, the process isn't fast. 

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  • JockeSve
    JockeSve Posts: 50  Ally Member
    edited March 29
    External backup is always to recommend!
    When backup done, You can replace disks one by one and let the RAID-set rebuild before replacing next disk.
    Did that a while back (from 2TB to 4TB disks) and yes, rebuild may take some time so be really patient!

     I bought 4 x WD Red NAS Hard Drive WD40EFAX
     Got great price, and these has decent performance for the buck.
  • Victor
    Victor Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Thanks Jocke, I struggle with external backup that is not cloud because if something happens to my NAS (fire, flood, etc), it would affect the external backup too. I need to look into cloud storage options.

    So when rebuilding, removing one drive does not remove specific data attached to it? I am not too familiar with RAID so my question make not make sense.
  • Victor
    Victor Posts: 8  Freshman Member
    Thank you Jocke!
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