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What is the latest firmware version for the Multy X? In the Multy X app, I see V2.20(ABKJ.4)C0 which it states is the latest version. But in some posts here, they mention later versions of the firmware. If there is a later version, how do I get the latest version. usually my Multy X (Android 11) app would detect a new firmware and I would update.

Also, the latest firmware I have is quite old. Does that mean Multy X will no longer get new features? One of the features I would like is to schedule blocking of devices eg. My daughter's iPad is blocked on Wed, Thur, Sat between 09:00 to 19:00.


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    Hi @MIBSWE

    Recently, we'll release new firmware. Currently, the latest firmware is V2.20(ABKJ.4)C0.
    When there is a new firmware released, you'll receive the notification on the Multy APP.

    Multy X do support to schedule blocking device.
    You can go to Parental control to set up the settings.

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    Great! Thanks for clarifying!

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