[Nebula] How to setup a Guest Network Wi-Fi?

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Where to find: 

Access point> Configure> SSID overview


Function description: 

The Guest Network is set the wireless network to let the clients only be able to access the Internet but not able to connect to the LAN or the wireless clients directly.



There are some customers going to visit a company, and the wireless manager set the guest network of the SSID which is provided to the customers to use.

Because the customers might need to print the contract, the wireless manager needs to let the customers to access the printer as well.


1.    Enable the Guest network in a SSID.

2.    When you enable “Guest Network”, the Layer 2 isolation is automatically enabled, only gateway’s MAC address of the AP management VLAN will be added to the whitelist automatically, so you only need to add the gateway MAC address if you use the other VLAN to connect with the different ports of the gateway, and other devices in the same LAN or wireless LAN in the topology, like the printer. Click Edit of Authentication in the SSID overview page.

3.    All devices which are allowed to access by the wireless clients in the same subnet should be added the MAC address to the Layer 2 isolation white list, like the MAC address of the printer, internal DNS server, SSID VLAN gateway which might be connected to different ports from the management VLAN. In this topology, you need to add the MAC address of the printer in the list to let the clients be able to access it.

4.    Get back to the SSID overview page and save the configuration. After the AP configuration status shows "up to date", the clients connect to this SSID can only access to the Internet and the printer.