[Nebula] How to configure captive portal with Voucher?

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Where to find: 

Access point> Configure> SSID advanced settings


Function description: 

The voucher provides network access in limited time period.



A customer goes to a hotel and wants to purchase 24 hours’ wireless network to use. The reception provides the customer a voucher code to login the wireless network after he/she pays.



1.    Select to the SSID you want to set Voucher, and there’s only one SSID in a site able to use Voucher.

2.    Enable the sign in method to Voucher, and click Save. Create and manage voucher passcode on the Vouchers page. You may click the hyperlink as below or go to Site-wide> Monitor> Vouchers.

3.    The voucher passcode can be printed after you create it, so you may edit the print information in Site-wide> Configure> General settings, or click the hyperlink in the Voucher page.

4.    You can customize the information printed on the voucher setting page. 

5.    After completing the settings, you can click hyperlink “Using Vouchers” back to the passcode setting page.

6.    You can click +Create to add one or a number of passcodes. Here’s an example to create one passcode. Users can set the duration period or directly specify the expire date of the voucher code. The expiration date can’t be set over a year.

7.    You can check “Print after created” to print the passcode to the customer. The print format will be the same as you configured in step 5. The promotion URL will be a QR code to let the customers scan.

8.    When the customer connects to the SSID, there will be a redirect page pop-up to ask the customer login. You can edit the login page in Access point> Configure> Captive portal customization.



1.    When the customer pays and gets the passcode to access WiFi, he/she connects to the SSID “Voucher” and the connected device, like NB, pop-up the login page as you setting in step 9 of the configurations.


2.    After the customer login, you can check the client information in Access point > Monitor > Clients. The clients login with Voucher will show in the Authentication column.

3.    You can also check the event log in Access point > Monitor > Event logs about the connection logs.

4.    The passcode is started to counting and the status is “Activate”.

5.    It’s available to Reset, delete, or print the voucher code in Site-wide> Monitor> Vouchers. When you reset the voucher passcode, it will become unused status.

Here’s the status of Voucher passcode for your reference.

·         Unused

This passcode is just created and hasn’t used for authentication

·         Active

This passcode is used for authentication with duration remaining

·         Expire

This passcode reaches the duration period and can’t be used for authentication again

·         Delete

 This passcode hasn’t been used and reaches its purged period




·         The maximum is 1024 users to login through captive portal per site, including all sign in methods. When user number is exceeded, disassociate station with longest idle time.

·         Because Voucher is a feature in Nebula Professional Pack, when license is expired, the related setting is greyed out from web GUI, and SSID that using voucher will be disabled.