Playing on PlayStation 4 on NR2101 doesn’t work. It relies on UPnP.

Moinois Posts: 3
edited May 13 in Mobile Broadband
Lately I wanted to play some games on my PlayStation 4 with a friend over internet. We could connect fine with voice chat, but when trying to connect a game we only got “no connection” or “connection failed” no matter what we tried.

After investigating a bit I find that the PS4 reports NAT-type 3, which means that it is highly restricted. The common solution I’ve seen is to turn on UPnP on the router, but as all of that is integrated with the NR2101 I’m kind of stuck. 

Question: is there any way to get the NR2101 to allow for UPnP calls? I have other network connected programs that also seems to have issues opening up ports for communication, so it seems it is a router issue, as they are on other hardware.
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