NAS542 - multiple basic drives without RAID

I am trying to create on my NAS drive 4 standalone drives which could be accessed seperately something like network drives \\\Volume_1 and etc.

I have found some question here:

I have posted a comment there but I think that it would be faster to create new question so I will re-post part of my question here again:
"I always end with more disks added in multiple standalone basic drives but unable to access the newly added one. 
Could you please tell me the exact "What to do list"?

In "Volume on Disk Group".
I can see "Disk Group 1" and "Disk Group 2" containing Volume 1 and Volume 2 but when I use File browser I can only see things located on first created drive which is Volume 1.
Looking forward for any help."

Accepted Solution

  • MartinSMG
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    Never mind, Solved. I am idiot. I forgot to create new folder located on that drive.

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