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  • We are experiencing a low throughput on our Zywall USG 20W. We have a 170 Mbit connection but only obtain 80 Mbit clicker counter  thought the USG. We use latest ...
     the upload is max. 20 Mbit. This should be 100 MBit / 40 MBit. I try a lot of configuration things in the USG and if I switch off the policy control I got a download from 95 MBit. So I think the problem is too low throughput of the USG or too low processor power?
    When I look into the data sheet, it should have enough throughput, but it hasn´t. Can I do or check something to get better values ?
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    Hi @kydimos

    In the datasheet of USG20 performance is around 175 Mbps, but it is tested by UDP. 

    (UDP performance will higher than TCP)

    To fulfill performance requirement, USG20-VPN can handle it. You can consider upgrade to this model.

    The maximum throughput of USG20 is 175 Mbps and it is tested by UDP.
    As you tested by TCP, 80Mbps is not bad. Be a home router it should enough for general usage.
    USG20 is a old product, if you want to get higher speed, you may upgrade to new hardware.

  • 80 MBIT would be great... I get 0.75 MBIT download rate and 6 MBIT as general internet speed via speed check on USG20 with Firmware from 2016. Normally I have 94 MBITs with the new standard internet router.
    I really like the Zyxel USG 20 Firewall, but 1 MBIT is not enough for todays possibilities.
    I go through Tab Ethernet WAN1. Changing the Metrics does nothing. The Egress Bandwith is limited to 1000000 KBPS, that should be 1000 MBIT. That is the value in there. There are other options like RIP and OSPF but I think they can´t speed up the Firewall... I search for the magical switch to make it faster.
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    Turning off the FIrewall checkbox changes nothing..0.75 MBIT is maximum with the USG20 in my case. I tried everything. TCPV6 changes nothing. BMW Bandwith Maximization...nothing. 0.77 MBIT is too less...I have to quit using it on productive high speed systems.

    Just the RAW Firewall hardware as intermediary between the router and the computer seems to cut off 93 MBIT!!!
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    Maybe its a bad cable? Have you test both?

    What speed you get double NAT with your ISP router?

    Also try

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