NSA325 v2 - original drive marked inactive after attempt at adding second drive

Had this Nas for a number of years. I've always had the 2 drives but only ever added one as I could never  get the second to work .

Got to the point where I now need the extra space. 
So installed the second drive and tried to add it, run did the checks and got to finishing setting up space, 36 hours still not finished (so now has 2 x 2tb) so restarted, now with either 1 or 2 drives plugged in I get the original drive reporting INACTIVE and can not get past this. Restated, hot / cold pulled / pushed the drive /drives, all useless.

Any ideas please, would like to keep the data on orgi drive (although its not mounting at the moment) and just add the new space, but its being a real pain in the back side :-) 

Can I connect to the box and mount then manually?   

many thanks 

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    I'm afraid you added the disk in a wrong way. If setting it up took 36 hours, it was not simply adding some space, but it was mirroring the disk. In that case the single disk volume is upgraded to a 2 disk raid1 volume, providing exactly the same storage space. But redundant.
    When mirroring @25MB/sec (which is a low estimate) a 2TB disk should be mirrored in about 22 hours, unless the box meanwhile was busy with other things. So if it took 36 hours, and the original disk is now inactive, I'm afraid that disk died.
    What if you powerdown the box, remove the new disk, and power it up again?

  • GeoffH
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    Thanks but i honestly don't think I did, I had 2 options, 1- add to job lot, 2- create new volume,  was not given a mirror or any other flavors of raid. 

    Now with the new drive in I can create a new job lot across both, or raid.  But is not recognizing the original drive and mounting it as a stand alone 2TB.  Shares are still there all be it not active.  

    Its a real shame, good little nas poor automation behind it. 

    Haven't tied getting at the os yet, thats next and configure it myself. 


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