How to configure external captive portal

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Where to find: 
Access point > Configure > Captive portal > External captive portal URL

Function description: 
This function is let us to use custom login page from an external web portal instead of the one built into the NCC. There is an example customized captive portal page, and we can configure the look and feel of the web portal page base on these html files.

Use the internal web server to build a captive portal pages, so our WiFi clients can see our specific login portals.

1. Go to Access point > Configure > SSID overview, and configure the SSID name.

2. Go to Access point > Configure > Authentication. Choose the SSID and configure the settings.

Confirm the SSID name is correct

Choose the Sign-in method with “Sign-on with Nebula cloud authentication”

3. Access point > Configure > Captive portal > External captive portal URL.

Download the customized captive portal page example, and configure the web server URL here. It can be domain name or IP address. If it is the domain name, ensure it can be resolved. After editing, copy the html files to the web server.

4. (Optional) Access point > Configure > Authentication > Walled garden. When choosing Sign-on with My RADIUS server, the wall garden will be enabled as well. We can add the website that the customer can access without passing the authentication. *1

5. (Optional) Access point > Configure > Authentication > Captive portal access attribute. We can have more setting in Captive portal access attribute.

Login on multiple client devices: this can restrict the login devices at a time. It could be one device or multiple devices.

Strict Policy: Allow HTTPs traffic without sign-on or not.

Reauth time: The agreement page will pop out again when the lease time is expired. We can choose the follow site-wide setting*2 or assign a definite time for it.



Use a phone or PC to confirm the html page. Just use the URL in the browser as http://<server IP address>/<page name>

Login page                                               error page




1.      About the Walled garden, One IP address/domain in one line to specify your walled garden. Example: *,,

2.      Site-wide reauthentication time: Site-wide > Configure > General settings > Captive portal reauthentication > For click-to-continue users.

3.      The AP must be added in trust list in the RADIUS server.