LTE3301-Plus in Bridge Mode with USG Firewall

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Dear readers

I bought today a band new ZyXel LTE3301-Plus LTE Router as of yesterday the fiber cable was destroyed. So we won't have any internet for the next 5 days in our office.

The specs say the LTE3301-Plus supports a bridge mode but I cannot find the settings in the new web interface. There are a lot of old documentations (pdfs) on how to set the router in bridge mode
- but none with the new web interface.

Our goal is to set the LTE3301 in bridge mode and connect it to our USG 210 Firewall as we need our SSL VPNs running. In other words, replace temporarily our fiber router with this lte router.

But I looked at every single setting in the new web interface - there is no setting to put the router from router in bridge mode.

Which settings are needed to connect this router to our USG and built up our SSL VPN Tunnels again?

thank you very much

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    Hi SiSZyxel,

    Bridge name is renamed as cellular IP passthrough on the LTE3301-PLUS.
    Please go to Cellular IP Passthrough (Network Setting > Broadband > Cellular IP Passthrough).



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