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Hi there, I bought a Zyxel LTE5366 router that came with V1.00(ABKA.1)C0 firmware but this was completely unusable because I got invalid SIM Card every time a tried to edit any option. Just edit, click save and connection was lost and I had to remove and reinsert the SIM Card. Then I saw that there was an older firmware on the zyxel website V1.00(ABKA.0)C0 and after this downgrade the router is finally working at 90%. I say this because I get internet connection and I can modify almost everything without issue expect LTE/connection settings. For example if I leave everything on "Auto" sometimes my SIM Card connects to 3G or 2G with heavy performance loss. So if I try to set "4G only" in settings my connection gets completely lost until I set back to "Auto". That happens with every option in WAN settings even if I change APN, Bands, Network type and anything else.

I have also tested everything with a Huawei B535 and I have no issues at all, everything works flawlessly with the same sim card and all my devices.

Now my questions:
- is there a way to get back to the newer firmware? V1.00(ABKA.1)C0
- is there any new firmware to try?
- are you aware of this issues or maybe my unit is faulty?

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    Hi Nykos, 

    The V1.00(ABKA.1)C0 is the latest firmware. 

    My assumption for the V1.00(ABKA.0)C0's behavior where the Internet connection stops under "4G-only" connection mode is that the LTE5366 might only detect 3G signal at some point when the connection mode is "auto". If you switches the connection mode to "4G-only", the LTE5366 would not connect to the network. And you switch back to "Auto", the LTE5366 restores the connection but may connect to 3G in the beginning.

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