Replace NAS 326 after an electric failure

Hi everybody,

I have a NAS 326 with two 2TB discs working OK till 2 days ago. An storm has burnt the mother board of the NAS.
The question is: Can I buy another NAS326 and insert the two discs in the new NAS326? 
How can i access to data in my  two 2TB discs?

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  • Mijzelf
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    Your disks (when they survived) will be recognized and accepted by any ZyXEL firmware v5 NAS (NAS326, NAS5xx).
    You can mount the disks on any Linux box. If you have connected both disks you can assemble the array(s):
    sudo mdadm --assemble --scan
    Maybe the arrays will be automounted, depends on the exact OS. If not you can mount them manually. The md devices can be found using
    cat /proc/partitions

    The filesystem of the data array is ext4.

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  • Podo
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    I suggest you to backup your data first.
    Then you can either buy new NAS, or if your NAS still have warranty do RMA.
    Or you can consider replacement of motherboard.

  • eabaigar
    eabaigar Posts: 3
    Thanks Podo for answering me, but How can i backup my data?
    What is the format system of the Volume_1?
    Can I read it whith a Linux OS?
    I remember that I setup the discs in RAID 1-
    Thank very much
  • eabaigar
    eabaigar Posts: 3
    Hi everybody,

    Finally, on Friday, I received the new NAS326 and after inerting the 2 hard disks, it was very easy to setup the server again. The Volume_1 was recognized inmediatly (it was in RAID 1 like I have setup in the first NAS). I defined the users and permissions again, and in 20 minutes the NAS was working again.

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