Zyxel Multy U AC2100 WiFi Mesh keeps dropping internet

I have two devices in use. Upstaris and downstairs. Upstairs is connected to my main modem (has the 4g sim). Downstairs device is connected via cable to the upstairs unit. Issue is that the downstairs one is frequently dropping internet (LED light goes red). After a few minutes internet is back on. Upstairs one is not doing this nor is the internet down in the main modem. I have a LAN cable going downstairs for gaming purposes but the internet does not fall. So the issue is the connected second Zyxel device. What could be the issue?

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  • turo
    turo Posts: 3
    The "LAN cable going downstairs for gaming purposes" is from the main modem, not the Zyxel device.
  • Zyxel_Can
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    Hi @turo,


    Can you share some information with us:


    1- Can you draw your topology with IP addresses and IP subnets on it?

    2- What are the firmware version of your Multy U devices?

    3- How often this issue occurs? How long secondary(extender) Multy's LED becomes RED when this issue occurs?

    4- Can you reboot the root devices and the extender devices and see if this issue still occurs?

    5- When extender Multy is RED, can you see it's SSID at the downstairs?



    Please send us detailed feedback using your Multy application for this symptom.

    When you send feedback please make sure that all Multy devices can access to the internet.

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