Route from Azure VM to spoke of Nebula site-to-site VPN

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We created a site-to-site VPN from Azure to a NSG (location 1) with subnet I can ping that location from the VM. From location 1 I can ping location 2 ( /a remote vpn participant / hub-and-spoke). How can I ping a device in location 2 from the Azure VM? 
In Azure I made a routetable to route to the location 1 NSG gateway address, I tried to route through the STS-vpn in Azure. But I don't understand the routing principles in this situation. Do I only need a added route in Azure or do I need added routes in the NSG's too? And how do I route a subnet that is outsite the subnet the STS-vpn? In Azure it was not possible to make a route saying next hop is the gateway to location 1. Where to start? I presumed that if I was able to route the traffic to location 1 the routing to location 2 and back to Azure was taken care of by the NSG's, is that correct? 

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    Hi @IctPk,

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    You will need to configure the following:
    1. Create a new policy route on Azure site gateway to route the Source IP <Azure site> and destination IP via Site-to-Site VPN tunnel.
    2. Configure availability as All site in Non-Nebula VPN peer at location 1 site.
    (You may refer to this post)
    3. Create a new policy route on location 2 site to route the Source IP and destination IP <Azure site> via Site-to-Site VPN tunnel.

    Hope it helps.

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