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Hello, i have a problem with router, it says sim card is not ready and disconnects me from internet, however the wifi symbol stays with a "!" Behind it. When i put it inside my phone, everything is fine and works. Once i put it back into the router it wont work. I had this issue before, i contacted the ISP they said its not on their side and they suggest both the router and sim to be replaced, i did one last restart, removed the sim, took the adapter out of the wall aswell, waited and then put everything back as it should be, it did fix itself randomly for a short period of time (a week or so). Now that i have that same issue again it will not work. What is the permanent solution? Or should i start looking for other router brands? This cannot continue.

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    You can check the sim card(nano sim with card adapter) if accurate insert to the card slot of LTE device, and noticed if LTE device have reboot before the problem happen.

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