LTE3316 - IPv6 custom DNS servers are not advertised on the LAN

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I am using the LTE3316 (firmware V1.00(ABMP.2)C0 ) on a single stack IPv6 mobile network, Free Mobile in France.

The mobile carrier advertises two of its own DNS servers: 2a0d:e480::1 and 2a0d:e480::2

I want to use a different DNS server, say 2001:4860:4860::64 (=Google) .

Issue: When I go to Configuration-Network-WAN-IPv6 settings and enter one or two other DNS servers under "Use the following DNS address", these servers are not advertised to the downstream devices on the LAN. The router still advertises only the carrier's DNS servers.

Can anyone else reproduce this bug? Where can I file a bug report for Zyxel router firmware?

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