LTE3316 - no support for IPv6+NAT64 without DNS64

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Router: Zyxel LTE3316 with firmware V1.00(ABMP.2)C0
Mobile carrier: Free Mobile (France, 13+ million customers)
  • single stack IPv6 APN
  • NAT64 using custom prefix 2a0d:e487:ffff
  • carrier's DNS servers (2a0d:e480::1 and ::2) do not perform DNS64
  • NAT64 prefix discoverable through RFC7050 (=lookup of
Issue: since the Zyxel LTE3316 router neither does CLAT, nor DNS64, downstream devices cannot connect to the IPv4 internet through the carrier's NAT64.

Solutions (either or both):
  • add CLAT (RFC 6877) to LTE3316 firmware, like for example the Huawei B316 has
  • add a DNS64 resolver (RFC 6147) to LTE3316 firmware

Presumably this is not the only mobile carrier in the world with this configuration, and as the rollout of IPv6 on mobile networks continues all across the world I expect this will become an issue for a lot of people. Is there a way to file an issue report with Zyxel on this?

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