NSA325 opkg TUN driver?

FragsRock Posts: 9  Freshman Member
Is there a TUN driver/kernel module for this NAS running with Entware?


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  • Mijzelf
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    The easiest way to get it running is to manually insmod the module with it's full path. Another option is (I think) to create a symlink /lib/modules which points to /opt/lib/modules, but that won't survive a reboot. (Nor does insmod, of course)
    This modules package was originally an ffp package, and I also provided a patched module-tools package which searched /ffp/lib/modules instead of /lib/modules. I repackaged the modules in an Entware ipk, but never created a module-tools ipk. (Which is in Entware-ng a lot more difficult than in ffp)

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  • Mijzelf
    Mijzelf Posts: 2,001  Guru Member
    When I remember well zyxel-modules- has a tun.ko.

  • FragsRock
    FragsRock Posts: 9  Freshman Member
    Thanks Mijzelf,  you remembered well!
    So I installed this with sudo opkg install zyxel-modules-  but modprobe tun returns not found in modules.dep.

    Looking around I can see the tun.ko module in /opt/lib/modules/  and it is referenced in /opt/lib/modules/   but clearly I am missing a step somewhere...

    For context I'm trying to get zerotier (or tailscale) to work on the box for emergency use but both fail so far as they can't see a tun module.

    Any help appreciated

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