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Hi, I've just testet a setup with a 203 and a 102 ap where I would like to use the 102 as a mesh point. The problem is that when I connect to the mesh I get isolated. If I do a ip scan I can only see myself and the ap. How to fix so I can access all other devices? 

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    Hi @Cham


    We’d like to know if you had connected both APs on Ethernet and ensure they show online on Nebula. Then configured smart mesh enable on both APs and wait their status up to date. After above steps done, move the mesh AP from Ethernet and place it to the location you want to deploy.

    Here is the article for setup smart mesh:


    Not sure what tool you use to scan, I connect a PC on root AP and use ZON Utility can scan all the nodes includes repeater AP in the list. Then connect my iPhone to repeater AP and use Network Analyzer can also see the root AP. Can you share with us your test condition after smart mesh build up successfully?





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