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I have a NAS542 and the firmware V5.21 (ABAG.7) installed. Since the firmware was installed, the NAS no longer switches off in the late evening.
This worked perfectly with the previous firmware version.
Where can I download the previous firmware version? (If possible please a direct link).

Thanks and regards ... Stevie

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  • soul
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    You can find firmwares in FTP server
  • Mijzelf
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    To be able to downgrade, you first have to login over ssh/telnet, and execute

    echo 1 > /firmware/mnt/info/revision

  • Stevie
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    it works. Downgrade has been finished successful. The NAS is now running V5.21(ABAG.5)C0. Autoshutdown is working now.

    Do anyone know, why ABAG.6 is not available for download?

    Regards ... Stevie

  • Kreiszahl
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    Imagine an up to date firmware for the NAS542, so people wouldn't have to disconnect it from the internet or directly trash it...

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