Zyxel Auto Repair deleted all files

I had 2 disks in a RAID config working as a mirror for each other to prevent possible failures.

One day, my NAS 326 started beeping out of nothing so I followed the steps below:

1. Pressed the reset button
2. Went into the Admin area and checked if the disks were ok.

There was a message saying one of them was "degraded" so I clicked the repair button.

Now all of my files are gone. 

Can't see any of them!

What should I do?

In the end, both of my  WD Purple-line Disks were perfectly fine. I ran a scan and both are healthy.

Yet, 1TB of data, family pictures and files are gone.

Pls help!

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    Sounds like a filesystem corruption which is repaired. Is the free space in line with the lost files? If not, it is possible that the files can be found in /i-data/sysvol/lost+found/. If all diskspace is available, you might be able to recover your files using PhotoRec, or a similar tool. If you have to go that way, it's important that you don't write anything to the NAS, and preferably switch it off, and connect a disk to an external system.

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