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I have a few GS1920 and XGS1930 switches in my topology and their uplinks constantly generate these informational messages:

"Multicast storm detected on port 48"
"Broadcast storm detected on port 48"

According to this article such message spam is a hardcoded feature that cannot be disabled. In order to figure out if I actually have storm problems on my network I need to capture uplink traffic with Wireshark on a mirror port. The problem is, I cannot find port mirror function in Nebula. It is mentioned on summary page for a port:

But the Configuration page for port does not have anything on port mirroring. Am I missing something?
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    Nevermind, it's in Switch > Switch Settings > Port mirroring.
    Although I was expecting to see it in the port configuration menu with the rest of the port settings, i can understand how it's better to see this setting at a glance for the entire site. I suggest to make "Not mirroring traffic" status a clickable link that leads you to where you can set it up.
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    Hi @bzzt

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    Thanks for your suggestion.
    I will move this post to Nebula ideas section.

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