NAS326 needs to use a more recent version of busybox

I bought a NAS326 last week to serve as a backup for the most important data on my TrueNAS. I have updated the NAS326 to the latest firmware release - V5.21(AAZF.10)

As I was loading data onto the NAS326, I discovered that the 'du' command was showing an incorrect size when checking how much had been copied to a share. I know that the actual amount of data being copied is around 3.6TB, but as soon as the amount of data in the share exceeds 2TB, du is no longer able to report the size correctly.

The NAS326 is still using version 1.19.4 of busybox from 4 Feb 2012. Looking at the release history for busybox shows that the bug which causes the du command to report the wrong size was fixed in release 1.20.0 from 12 Apr 2012.

Will Zyxel ever release a new version of the firmware for the NAS326? If you do plan to, it would be good to see this bug fixed by upgrading busybox to at least 1.20.2 (which is the last stable release of version 1.20). If would be even better if you could move to a much more recent version of busybox as there are many, many bugs fixed between the 1.19.4 version which is used now to the 1.33.1 version which is the current stable release.

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    grizewald said:
    Will Zyxel ever release a new version of the firmware for the NAS326?
    Don't held your breath.

    You can install a newer version of busybox by installing Entware. That will only be active in a shell, but afaik the firmware doesn't use du anyway.

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    Hi @grizewald,

    Thank you for your feedback.


    Currently we don’t have plan for upgrading NAS326 BusyBox version.

    Please kindly limit your file size less than 2TB.

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