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i have an old Zyxel NSA325v2 with 2 SATA disks and RAID1. 
Now one of the drives is broken. I have now the problem that i cannot access the data of the first disk.

What i have to do to get my data which is on disk1? Is it anyhow possible to take the disk which is ok and connect it over SATA Adapter to an Windows 10 Workstation?


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    Are you sure it is (was) RAID1 and not RAID0? The whole point of RAID1 is that the data is still accessible when a disk fails.

    Of course you can connect the disk to W10, but reading is a different story. W10 doesn't support it, and an ext driver doesn't help, as the volume is inside a raid container. AFAIK the right version of UFS Explorer can, but you can also boot your system from an Linux Live USB thumb, or install Linux in a VM.

    When the volume was RAID0, it is no possible to mount the volume, as half of the filesystem is gone. But a tool like PhotoRec can recover the files on the remaining disk. (The files, not the metadata like filename and -path, timestamp, ...)

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