NSA-220 Plus - no HDD recognized anymore

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I have an old NSA-220 Plus, started again a couple of weeks ago without any troubles. 
2HDDs with 3 TB were running and data was stored as a backup. Then took it off the lan and power.
Some days ago I started it again and from this point on, the NAS wont find any hdds anymore. I tried to plug the HDDs in and out, even put in different other HDDs.

When starting, lights for System and HDDs are working normal and the NAS is found by the Zyxel-Software. But there is "no HDD" shown.

Does anybody have an idea?

Thx in advance and kr, Ben

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  • Mijzelf
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    Check your powersupply. It might have not enough juice left to spin up the disks.
  • Sapphire23
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    When you remove HDDs from your NAS do you feel the spinning of the hard drive platter?

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